Alex for Student Body President

About me

Hi! My name is Alexander Jovanovic and I am currently a junior at Chamblee Charter High School. I have been a member of our school’s Student Government Association (SGA) since freshman year, and have held various leadership positions within SGA and our school. I am currently running for the office of Student Body President.

Please feel free to contact me via email or my Instagram with any questions about my platform, student government, or our school in general!

Why you should vote for me

  • First, I am a proven leader. I have held numerous leadership positions both past and present, such as serving as SGA’s Freshmen Class President, German National Honor Society Vice President, and Reduce Remove Conserve Vice President. These positions have have given me the leadership qualities necessary to be your president.
  • Second, I am experienced with student government. Having been in our school’s student government since freshman year, I understand how and what needs to be done to have your school related ideas become reality.
  • Third, I am here to work with you. I understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives and schooling. As a member of the DeKalb Student Advisory Board, I am able to take your ideas and not only bring them to the school level, but also to the county level if needed.

My student government experience

Since I joined our school’s Student Government Association in my freshman year, I have worked with other members in organizing fun events for students (such as Homecoming and Screen on the Green) and implementing student ideas (such as changes to policies).

I believe that over the past three years, I have gained the experience necessary to be the most effective and the best leader of our student body. Additionally, I have experience as a leader within SGA, having lead many committees and being elected as Freshmen Class President.

What I will do if I am elected

  • Do my best to ensure that every student has an amazing rest of the school year
  • Organize socially distant events for students
  • Organize school-wide virtual completions
  • Have open communication with the student body and provide a platform for students to contribute their ideas and comments
  • Do my best to accomplish any ideas students have to positively impact Chamblee

What do you want to see in our school’s SGA and me as a candidate?